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Check out our seasonal drinks for the month

Cat V Passion

Hurricane with passionfruit

Taste like: A strong fruit punch mix sure to make any day more fun

Froggy Pier

Frog Juice with white peach and raspberry


Taste like: Sweet, juicy sips of peach with a tart finish makes for a perfectly refreshing drink on a hot Texas day

Hard Palmer

Long Island and Daiquiri with lemon

Taste like: Two summer staples blended together and served up ready to enjoy

Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

Piña Colada with passion fruit, white peach and wild berry 

Taste like: A bright and fruity blend with a smooth coconut finish

Melon Tamarind Rita

Margarita with melon and tamarind

Taste like: Zesty lime margarita paired perfectly with the smooth sweetness of ripe melon and tinge of sour tamarind for a well rounded beverage

Pineapple Express

Daiquiri with pineapple and strawberry


Taste like: Sweet strawberry mellowed out by pineapple and the sweet simplistic taste of a classic daiquiri

Jack n’ Coke

Whisky Sour with cola 

Taste like: Light and thirst quenching with a hint of nostalgia

Mango Sour

Daiquiri with mango and sour apple

Taste like: Bright and crisp with every sip

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