Check out our seasonal drinks for the month

The Sith.jpg

Margarita with wildberry and hibiscus

Taste like: Sweet and tart

The Jedi.jpg

Daiquiri and Frog Juice with kiwi and sour apple

Taste like: Light and refreshing


Margarita with grapefruit and prickly pear

Taste like: Sure to win over all the moms

Boogie Time.jpg

Daiquiri with cucumber, mango and strawberry

Taste like: Sweet and delicious, always a favorite

Camo Blues.jpg

White Russian with coffee, cinnamon and tequila​

Taste like: A great smooth, pick-me-up

Long Island and Frog Juice with cucumber

Taste like: Just enough strength with the perfect amount of sweetness added

Cinco De Mayo.jpg

Hurricane, Margarita and Frog Juice mixed with mango

Taste like: A good time in a cup

Rocket Rita.jpg

Margarita and Daiquiri with strawberry

Taste like: Zesty and sweet